Carmen’s Feedback on the MWT

What was your basic experience in this course

I love my crazy thinking, all the time the most people giving me this emotion i am mad with this ways, but now i found this wonderful part of me back and it feels so good and helps me all the time with all my ways open the space for new worlds. I love it  ilove it I love it – thank you you help me to open it again !!!!!
A few of the medicine women have got a few things to tell us in a moment that stop a process for questions for the holy medicine way.. for sure thats a part of a process, but somtimes the ego work was to much for a group. i love to see your support and your love for everybody …i know you say it again and again found the point,
But it was good for me showing my borders, learning more and more showing borders , great ! work with my attention what is importend for my holy way and the way with all the people around me…

What tools or techniques were most effective for you ?

Attention for a ceremony and many more things….where is the door, ideas for a course, the circle. flow with the direction, for my spirits, work with the ancosters, open the door way for the medicine and other wisdom and and and…. wow…wow…wow
so much wonderful tools for the way to play in a good attention with own ideas for this way, i know thats very important.