Janina H.’s Feedback

Summing up the basic experience of this course the training helped me to strengthen my connection with Mother Earth and Spirit on a much deeper level than before. During the course and the weeks between the group meetings I opened up more and more for a deeper and more direct communication with Spirit and Mother Earth. 
During the course I could feel and experience directly that I am an active part of the Creation, that I am stronger connected with it than I have experienced it before, that I can be in the vital and life-giving energy of the Creation, merge with it when I am fully in my body with open senses, trust and in the flow of the moment and pass the life-giving energy on. Especially during our ceremony in the forest I could experience myself as an active part of the Creation in a very deep way. Most of all in the moment when our prayer and our emotions were so honest and intense and our hearts were so open that it began to rain. While it was raining, we cried and laughed in the same moment that I felt the circular exchange, the Oneness with the One without any kind of separation. What a blessing it was.

I feel soooo blessed to walk with you this path I am walking just now in the Medicine Training and that we met so deeply and could feel each other in these intense and heart touching moments I have had with you during this year in the sessions and in the training. Thank you so much for your honesty, love, wisdom, humour and presence, wise sister!

from my heart

Janina H.