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Sacred Female Rising Events

On this website and in our journey of creating SFR we have found ourselves dancing with the divine while walking on this earthly manifestation. How to reflect the profound spiritual experiences that have inspired and directed us as we strive to walk our talk on this planet. Whaaat!!  For us, the SFR Network represents the non-material & unseen experiences such as how we connect with life, the great silence and other rising beings. This then leads us to the SFR Institute which endeavors to embody more of the material world of manifestation by bringing us information & inspiration about ‘HERSTORY’ and by tracking the emerging spiritual woman in her daily life. In the middle somewhere…, are the SFR Events, it is the events that are at the core of SFR and because they exist – as we do – the Events bind everything together …. and the glue for this binding is CEREMONY!

What is ceremony?

Group Ceremony
Ceremony is soon to begin at a ‘Holy Well’ somewhere in Germany.

Ceremony can be everything…

Ceremony can be everything. We all do ceremony and yet, in our modern world – many have forgotten… Celebrating Christmas with the tree in the house, the big feast, and the singing of carols is ceremony. Setting up a dinner table with tissue & candles, flowers & cutlery – simple as that is – this is ritual or ceremony. Going to vote is another example of ritual in our modern world with many people not even realizing… Ceremony can be everything. And yet there is a difference between ceremony and daily life.


What is ceremony for SFR?

To us at Sacred Female Rising group ritual or ceremony is a way to experience or access the divine power that we all possess. When enacting this within a group the power grows stronger and usually manifests faster and more effortlessly.

MiraMichelle leads part of the ceremony at Stone Henge, Summer Solstice 2012.

Ceremonial work in a group is a creative process. We create a space together to heal, rejoice, play and to recognize something that we didn’t before the process began. This something can be very simple and subtle and yet it colors the moment with such richness that it stays and somehow paints our life anew.

Also ceremonial practice can come to teach us endurance, commitment and focus. These experiences often go hand in hand acting as sweet companions to each other and are also necessary teachers for growth.

These realities are explored when we embark upon the conscious choice of moving from the mundane into the sacred.

What is sacred energy? For us it is the realization that something exists other than the human form and thought. It is a vibration which informs, inspires, guides and instructs. It is intelligence pure!


SFR Ceremony Offers