Dr. Julie Krull Radio Talk Show Interviews Mira & Jeevan

Dear Ones,
It was such an honor and great fun to do this Empower Radio talk show with Dr.Julie and in support of The Codes of a Healthy Earth! An added bonuses was that my son, Jeevan, joined the interview bringing the perspective of youth! To represent earth and work to find a way to enhance life on our planet. Ahey!

In this link will jump you onto the page of Empower Radio with Julie Krull.  There are some other wonderful interviews there which are all related to ‘The Codes of A Healthy Earth”. http://www.empoweradio.com/home/podcasts/809663-The-Julie-Show-All-Things-Connected.html 

On this link below it will take you directly to Jeevan and I’s interview with Dr. Julie. http://www.empoweradio.com/home/podcasts/on-demand/dr-julie-show/815475-Healing-the-Earth-with-MiraMichelle-and-Jeevan.html

Below is the screenshot for Dr. Julie’s page with the interview.