Dark into Light Retreat 24 – 26.11.17

To truly move from the dark into the light….(from dark to light) to feel this vibration within the body and to sense its truth… one needs to get very real with self. This takes power, presence and patience. It also takes a level of resonance in the room, in the moment, that can reflect and hold such conscious possibilities for us to awaken.

Sexuality holds a great awakening power …. it is when certain energies merge to ultimately become a creative force.  A deeply loving force exists in and during the act of sexuality and sensuality becomes totally alive…. in this moment such an ‘acceptance of being’ is present and in this presence lives the purity of resonance. This is the energy field that people thrive from and also crave deeply. Deep and unchecked craving of this resonance can result in a dysfunction – such as we see now on our planet. It is a soul ailment and needs soul energy to heal.

These are a few of the themes that shall be explored during this retreat.

Being Held in the Arms of the Great Mother

@Preparing for 2018 – Prophecy of the Times of Restoration!

@Balance: Fe/Male

@Sexuality: Meeting the male lover in you! Recognition & Healing.

@Reigniting the Female Lover within. Recognition & Healing.

@Sacred Slowness meets Sacred Silence

@Crazy dance – Free dance – Trance dance into your own heart!

@Meeting the depth of Silence in Nature!

@Exposing Self to Self – Creating more freedom within!

An experienced knowledge self & of spiritual/psychological practices is required to join this work.

Nov 24 – 26th: 2017: Location: Harz, Germany: Address given at Registration: To apply for this retreat email www.miramichelle@gmail.com There are 13 spaces available. Self Investment: 324.70€//Location and more information given at application or registration.