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Cleanse Site Locations

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The image above is a so called ‘geography of violence’ map. It reveals the location where major battles in the past 4000 years have taken place. Clearly we have some work to do!

Please get in touch if you have a site that needs healing at 


Previous Sites Cleansed:


Wolfenbuttel, Germany (Witch Torture Site)

Goslar, Germany (Witch Torture Site)

Moringen, Germany (Witch Torture Site & 30 Years War)

Harz, Germany (Witch Torture Site & Battle Ground) 

RoßTrappe, Germany (Sacred Site)

Winzenberg Quelle, Germany (Sacred Site & Pagan executions location)

Harz Horn, Germany (Battlefield, Germanic tribes and Romans)

Breitscheidplatz Berlin, Germany (Bombing WWII & ISIS terrorist attack 2016)

Hannover, Germany (Battlefield) 

Heidelberg, Germany (Sacred Site) 


United States of America

Mt. Shasta Lake, California (Massacre Site)

Mt. Shasta Castle Lake, California (Massacre Site)

Mt. Shasta Bute Meadows, California (Massacre Site)

Mt. Lassen Potato Patch Camp Ground, California (Massacre Site)

Rockefeller Grove, Humboldt Redwood State Park, California (Massacre Site)

Angels Camp Calaveras County, California (Massacre Site)

Murphy’s Calaveras County, California (Massacre Site)

Big Tree Camp Ground, Calaveras County, California (Massacre Site)


Private Ceremonies at Spirit Weavers in Oregon