SFR Cleanse Site Project

What does this picture look like to you? A beautiful country scene in early or late Spring? What a paradise to walk next to hand in hand with your children or partner. Unless one of you is particularly sensitive energetically and then something more may be felt. What if we told you that this picture is the site of a battle ground? People died here in a brutal and insensitive way. The land then holds the trauma of old unforgotten wounds. This is why we cleanse the sites!


Cleanse Site

Sacred Female Rising’s mission is not only to support women in their rising process, but it is also to assist in the creation of a more peace-filled and balanced world. Part of this work is to cleanse sites. What does this mean?

Collective ceremonies at land sites intended to release old traumas or to raise the energetic vibration of an old dormant sacred site thereby creating active energetic land sites that can be interacted with for personal and collective healing.



Public Ceremonies for Healing

Public ceremonies are great opportunities to uplift and bring a positive resonance to our world! It takes courage and knowledge to engage and appreciate and to realize why something such as this is so important. Consciousness can be sought in many different arenas of our world. This is simply one of them albeit a powerful, focused and light-filled one!

Usually a Group of women or people are needed to energetically communicate with that particular land site and in so doing will be instructed by the intelligence that lives there what is specifically needed. If for whatever reason the land site is too traumatized then a protocol of cleaning shall be followed.

If you feel called to assist to heal and enliven Mother Earth you can: 1. Join us at the Circle Healing work – that means you can shoot us out an email us and we will put your name on the list and you will be contacted when an upcoming work is underway or 2. Donate here to support this work: your donations help us to pay for the administration and travel costs. Your donations do not pay any salaries as this work is not-for-profit!

We ask the Earth wisdom, the presence of the great mother, the pure intelligence of nature and all of Life to be our guide to heal and clear old traumas and wounds that we humans have inflicted upon ourselves, each other and the land!! May we grow in our Consciousness, Integrity and Light!!