Cleanse Site Project: Witch Site Clearing 21.9.19

Exclusive Invitation!
Join the Medicine Woman Training 2019
to cleanse a Witch Persecution Site on
‘Codes For A Healthy Earth’ GLOBAL LAUNCH!

This ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for clearing your own ancestral wounds, the collective German trauma and FEMALE trauma. It also SERVES to uplift the resonance of humankind as we join millions of fellow humans in prayer to co-create PEACE on EARTH!!
Date: 21.9.19/ Time: 12 noon(pls arrive at 11.45am)/ Location: Braunschweig, Hagenmarkt by fountain. Energy Exchange: Public 32€/Past MWT Participants 22€ (All proceeds: to CSP ‘NonProfit’ fund). Please Bring: A single flower offering