Cleanse Site Project/Hannover 5.01.19/Update!!

Dearest Sisters & Brothers,
We did it! It was an incredible experience yet again to honor the Earth in this way and all people – our humanity. We stood at the oldest remaining buildings in the city center of Hanover, Germany, which was extensively bombed during WWII. One infamous night over 40,000 people died! There were many spirits that came to our ceremony to find their way home. Ahey!!
Video to Follow:

For The Love of Our Planet & Humanity! In support of the Global Movement –
7 Days of Rest & Reflection!!

We meet downtown Hannover at the Ernst August Statue in front of the Central Station at 1pm.
We walk to the location which is 5/7 minutes by foot. Gathering at the side of the Town Hall/Rat Haus. Ceremony lasts for 2 hours. Please dress warm.