Vision Self-Love-Challenge

“Look into my eyes” she is saying “and focus your will, intention, desire and purpose!”

SFR Vision Self-Love Challenge: We lovingly challenge you to SEE!

See what? Yourself, your Life, your World!

YOURSELF: Staring into a crystalline substance is looking into the stuff of souls! Look at yourself through a crystal or into a mirror and simply say hello. Hello Soul! Feel into this moment and then feel again. What do you feel? What do you see?

Do this exercise daily for 2 weeks either starting on the new or the full moon. Write down what comes to you and notice the changes over this time period.

On the last day of this exercise ask for ONE word which defines this experience. Write down this word and post it somewhere in your home where you see it daily. Do this for another two weeks until the new or full moon. ON the final day create a ceremony of thanks and bury or burn the paper thereby manifesting or releasing the old perceptions of self and embracing the new!


YOUR LIFE: Life is creation and creation is life! Accepting your own creation is wisdom! Where is your life leading you and how does this feel right now? What does this picture speak to you? It looks like two human beings enjoying life doesn’t it? One huge part that supports us in the true enjoyment of our lives is getting the bigger picture. Exercise: Go to the bigger picture? How? Make a journey to a place that has a clear open view. The ocean, the mountain, a rise upon a flat land or any other place that affords an open view. When you embark upon this journey enact this experience in a ceremonial way. What does this mean? Hold the intention of the ‘bigger picture’ your entire journey, from when you leave your front doorstep until you arrive. Once arrived, find a quiet spot and pray. Give an offering to the place that you stand. It can be a flower, stone, some food etc. Pray in gratitude for your life! Thank all the people in your life, the nature around you and for your own wisdom and caring of self. Now stand and look out. Empty your mind and feel! Feel the moment, the wisdom in the moment and all that surrounds you. Just Be! Breathe! Be! Breathe! Be! Repeat!!! 🙂 Finally ask one simple question: Where do I stand now in my life? Listen. Accept. Give thanks.
We suggest to write down some notes. When making your way home do this also in a ceremonial way. As less talking as possible and work on simply being present.


YOUR WORLD! We are not Alone and we are not Separate! Our world is our creation! Exercise Self-Love Challenge: Purchase a globe! Starting on the New moon through to the Full Moon, for 10 minutes a day, either at sunrise or sunset SIT with this globe in your hands. Breathe in deeply through your nose, hold the breath for 5 long full seconds and focus the breathe into your heart,’FEEL’, and slowly exhale through slightly pursed lips and ‘RELEASE’. Breathe in this manner for the first 5 minutes. This breathing exercise cleans the heart area and connects the heart to the global heart resonance which usually is at a higher frequency than our own individual heart vibration. For the following 5 minutes allow the breath to be in the place of its natural cycle and maintain your focus on the globe, our planet, all while focusing on your heart! Simply be, breathe and give thanks. Heart opening resonance is healing both for us and our world. We are our world and our world is Us!

Tip: If disturbing pictures of our world in turmoil come up for you anytime during this process then please at first simply feel them and when this feeling reaches a peak change your mind about them. What does this mean? Change the picture! Create a new picture from the energy of the old. See a field of fresh wildflowers where there was once a battlefield, see hands of all nations holding each other where there was discord, see a circle of mothers singing over a healthy ocean where oil was spilled….etc. Let go of the old and TRUST that the new is now being created. What you are doing in this moment is consciously holding the space for this to BE!

We thank you for your healing work. Every individual who embraces self healing embraces self-love. Every human being who takes this to heart is healing our world!! Ahey!

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