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Sharing Medicine Sharing Soul Knowledge

Empowerment! Yesterday I fell to the earth in humility and heart pain. What was it? I went outside into the nature and laid my forehead on the loving albeit cold earth. Mother, I murmured show me the way to wisdom and grace. What does this mean? What am I learning? At first quiet and then a clear voice etched through. “Daughter, you are growing and you know the vision you have realized – these are growing pains”. She went on, “These are the pangs of letting go. So, let go and you will feel better.” I did! But, there was more. There was the teaching of honoring our own medicine. Of honoring where the medicine originated and to respect the ancestors who bought this earth magic into our consciousness. For many years I have lived by these understandings only now it came again only bigger and more resonate. She lovingly pushed her way back into the moment, “You are needed and  so many are needed to head this call… and to grow into the shoes that you were born to wear”!

Then came the further teaching of what it means to respect and honor ones spiritual lineage and to understand that even though there are so many of us and that we live in consumer societies that the ancient medicine does not! It still resides in the earth cycles of traditional and personal connection. To not forget that this force needs our care and our consciousness.

I reflected and felt the teachings go strait through my body and into my heart. My heart had some old pain to release… parts of the old pain were and are still informing and teaching me. The pain of our ancestors is not released in one big package… it gives good medicine to realize step by step all that they know and have to teach us may come along with some of the pain of their experiences.

I ended my journey on the medicine wheel giving thanks and respect for all that has been given.