Caravan of Unity Europe: Ancient Grandmother’s Wisdom w/ Maren Hoff



Re-bonding with the female body wisdom of the centuries, this powerful guided meditation will activate the magic-of-life wisdom resonating in your cells through the lineage of your ancestors. This collective meditation will help women (and men) calling in the ancient grandmother’s wisdom for fundamental support in these transformational times. The power, trust and direction it gives will nourish your path to peace on body, mind and soul-level.

BreathWork, Conscious Creation and Medicine Woman Wisdom combined.

Guided by our Sister Maren Hoff. German author, coach for healing ancestral lineages, medicine woman and holistic voice coach Maren Hoff is offering her healing and medicine work online. Her book on healing family trauma instead of passing it on to the next generation will be published in Germany in October 2020.

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