Caravan of Unity: Artistic Creations of Anne Oschatz & Diana Bleyer

A heartwarming presentation by our sisters Anne Oschatz and Diana Bleyer. In an informal online exhibition they showcase their individual artistic creations and explain how their sacred medicine is channeled into different creative mediums.

Anne Oschatz, born 1977 in Braunschweig, lives and works as a freelance photographer in Hamburg. The main focus of her artistic work is portraying people and nature. Creating healing images in which magic becomes visible and tangible. Through her photography she sees, feels and captures the authenticity, beauty, grace and growth of the Sacred Female Rising.  Find out more at:

Diana Bleyer, born 1975 in Kiel, lives and works in Götzberg (Henstedt-Ulzburg) Schleswig-Holstein/ Germany. I share my artistic skills through coded jewelry. In 2019 I re-opened a former forge, now going by the name “Kleine Schmiede Götzberg” (“little forge Götzberg”), in the north of Germany, exactly 111 years after the initial foundation on the same property. Here I create beautiful and powerful jewellery from blossoms, herbs and gemstones. Find out more at: