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Be your own Visionary Creatress!

The Visionary Creatress exists as a part of our innate biological and psychological power to create life. She is a force of nature and she is REAL. Her tools are pure energy, inspiration and intent.

The Visionary Creatress

Her greatest feat of manifestation is New Life!

What we have discovered, on our journeys, is that to bring this exceptional process into our awakened consciousness is an incredible act of caring, integrity and power!

Question: How do you care for you? Self care and nurturing is needed for growth and trust! Write down the ways that you are presently caring and nurturing yourself.

What we have also experienced is that each woman’s embodiment of the VC process, resonates and informs in different ways.  However, it comes from the same source as it carries forth its information and potential by translating through our varying different filters.

Question: What are some of your filters? Are they allowing you a greater freedom? How do you embrace your different?

We women, as sisters in the female solidarity, interpret and reinterpret how to manifest our own style of ‘Visionary Creatress’.  As each generation passes and as every woman comes into a new plane of consciousness, thereby adding vibration and enrichment of possibility, our potency grows.

Question: What is your style of Visionary Creatress? How is that resonance of pure creation informing you? How is she informing your life?


This is what we are doing here at SFR…. join our resonant field of Solidarity!

Be your own Visionary Creatress!

To embark on the journey of the Visionary Creatress you ask yourself this simple and yet profound question…

Question: ‘if I could envision whatever I would most cherish for my life – what would it FEEL like’?

Feel first… the feeling is the energy that holds the potential to manifest physical reality…. as we have heard above the female is a master at feeling and manifesting!

We loving challenge you to: Trust, let go and get in the flow!

For Creation: The energy of pure creation connects us to what we like to call the ‘Force Source’!
What is the force source? It is the source energy of all creation in movement. This is what happens when a baby grows inside of our wombs. When we realize and feel the resonance of how this powerful vibration works we then remember how to direct its resonant field in everyday life!
Exercise: Every day for whatever time period feels right for you – focus your attention on creation. 1.)Witness nature’s growth. 2.)Witness the growth of a project or person or situation etc. 3.)Feel the resonance – actively ask to feel this vibration.


For Vision: See and feel together!

Exercise: See, sense and allow yourself to be informed. Breath, feel and see. Relax your body and wait. Wait for your first organic impulse. Follow it. Allow the guidance and then know! Feel the knowing… you have arrived!


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