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Tips to Rise

Be a Sacred Female that is rising!

Rising means commitment to self! Passion for Life and a sort of stubborn curiosity that has humor. Sound like a good concoction? Well, it is mine. What is yours?

Dearest Sisters,
Below you will find PDF versions of the SFR Tips for Rising. Feel free to print out this Free gift from our Sister Heart to Yours!
May our collective works Inspire Awakening!

SFR Tips on Rising

When women rise……their:
*Confidence expands
*Loss of certain inhibitions that had previously kept them from expressing themselves more freely
*More relaxed enjoyment in the moment
*More relaxed during conversation and expressing their thoughts and feelings around others… (without too much inner editing when others are speaking)
*Personal relationships become more healthy
*The woman has a glow… personal resonance is raised

Tips & Tools for Rising

1.)Join or initiate a sister circle…. sister circles from the heart are healing. Why? We know from our ancient roots that women gathered together with a united intention and agreement. This created a huge energetic bond and within this bond we created a social standing and safe space for one another. We did this for at least 100,000 years up until the birth of agriculture (Neolithic era). This shows us that our biological expectation is for female solidarity. Our spiritual impulse is for inclusion and not exclusion. Sister circles are part of our organic state of being. When we sit in one…. we are home!

2.)Commune in Nature…Go into the nature – into the silence and be silent. Be as nature and observe in simple appreciation! This has a healing mechanism that goes beyond concept and arrives in our cells.

3.)Stay Grounded…. Being grounded and connected to the earth gives us power and confidence. How? Put your bare feet on mother earth. Connect your grounding cord to mother earth energetically.

4.)Write a list of what and who you give your power to. How much energy do your belief systems cost you? Go through all of the things you believe and all of the organizations that you either financially or mentally support. If you do not feel truly connected then question if this is something that you wish for your precious energy to fund.

5.)Occasionally, look at your life and your mental/emotional habits and commit to seeing how you have created them. Every 3rd month on the new moon challenge a habit and check out if it is supporting you or not! How much energy does it truly take to keep that daily habit funded energetically? Bring this habit into your awareness and make peace with it and gently ask it to inform you of how to bring it to a close. Choose something else to go in its place.

For example: When another person gives me constructive criticism I usually? Go into my head and explain it away… or fall into a quiet space and wonder if the person likes me or not … or immediately explain and defend myself…or try to find something that they have not done well and let them know about it… or… or…. Or… ?

For Suggestion: Simply feel. I feel and watch my thoughts in non-judgment and do not attempt to put a context, category or any other mechanism on the feeling. I feel and accept that this is the way that I feel. When the feeling has reached its peak… I affirm myself for having done so and then I give myself a gift of consciousness. I introduce a new way of dealing with criticism! First I look into my heart. I agree to honor and appreciate myself.

6.) Dance more often. Dance alone, with friends, with fire, with water, with earth and with wind!!
The last time I danced and didn’t care who was looking was_________________? The last time I danced for my life and my soul was___________________? I plan a dance to celebrate my life and my ‘me’ on this day______________________?

Blessings Ahey!

© Sacred Female Rising. All Rights Reserved

If you like to download the tips, please find a pdf version HERE!