Attention: the new dates for the 2018 Training are out!!!

Dear Sisters, who are interested in the MWT 2018 we welcome you to this process of self discovery, empowerment and wisdom! It is such a treat to see how the great intelligence creates the groups for every training… each time it comes together with such synchronicity and ease!

#1: May 2 – 6th (15.00): Harz

#2: June 16(10.00): Hannover

#3: Aug 25 (10.00): Hannover

#4: Sept 12 -16 (15.00): Harz



#1: CIIPP Training-a healing and empowerment technology. What is a Medicine Woman – her function, role and purpose? Discovering your personal medicine Part I, invocation, lines of power, and elemental work. Spirit Guides and Ancestors Part I. The Medicine Wheel & the 3 Ceremonies of Womanhood (1st Blood, Birth & Last Blood). Networks of Women ~ Female Solidarity and the 21st Century.

#2: Meeting your personal medicine part II. The shaman’s sight, the quantum I, spirit guidance – energetic protection and direction & the ceremony of Birth.

#3: The quantum II, spirit guides & ancestors II, invocation in the city, authentic Life – the empowerment of the personal process.

#4: Ceremonial practice, the modern medicine woman, visiting vortexes/power places in nature. The Medicine Woman Doorway Ceremony.

Each meeting includes song, movement/dance, invocation & prayer, meditation and creative expression, practices for personal empowerment and the development of a supportive container & team.


It is greatly suggested that for a complete experience for self and the circle of sisters that all works be attended. For those that are not able to attend certain works or meetings please let us know in advance. These women will receive work sheets to be studied and completed – the fee is the same whether you attend the course or not. Any special payment requests and/or partial trades should be pre-arranged with Gisela.

Gisela Pappenheimer at:

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