9.9.18 New Moon Circle

Sacred Ceremony to Set New Intentions for Yourself & Your Life!!

With 7 Planets Sitting in Earth Signs – it is a Perfect time to work with Manifestation & Renewal! Virgo is a mutable Earth sign and supports us in clearing & manifestation!!!

Gratitude & Love – Mother Earth!!

The new moon in Virgo on 9.9.18: Ruled by analytical Mercury, this lunation is perfect for breaking down complex problems and finding simple, step-by-step solutions. After all, Virgo rules digestion—and that applies to facts as well as food.  This sign teaches us to “digest” information by discerning what’s useful and discarding the rest. Virgo energy is best expressed by simplifying things, not complicating them. (photo above from Daily Om) This moon also has powerful manifestation magic!

September 9. Location: Röselerstraße 1A, 30159 Hannover. Time: 7-10pm(19.00-22.00Uhr) Bitte Anmelden: MiraMichelle: booking@miramich.com // 0176 4056 3632//Cost = 25€// Please Bring: Cushion to sit. A FLOWER & a favorite NATURE Picture. Tea & cakes provided. Englisch mit Deutscher Übersetzung.