7 Days of Rest & Reflection 1-7.1.19

In Support of the Earth & Humanity Movement …

With love for our Earth and Human Family… we women at the Sacred Female Rising Institute invite you to join with us in support of the Global Event ‘7 DAYS OF REST & REFLECTION’! At this moment in time our Earth & Humanity are calling for heart awakened events that employ active solidarity to collectively heal our world! mm

Message from Founder Shelley Ostroff:
The 7 Days of Rest event came into being through a healing vision in May 2017 where I saw a time when humanity united for 7 days to rest and to offer this rest to Mother Earth and all her children – a time to rest from the noise, the busyness, the domination, the exploitation, the toxins and from our everyday habits that take Life and the home we share with other species for granted. A time to reflect, take stock, and reconnect with our hearts, our deeper wisdom, our intuition and to realign with the intrinsic order and harmonies of nature. It became clear I was to initiate a global event to implement this vision.

7 Days of Rest and Reflection, 2019: For January 2019, the intention is to collectively seed the New Year with a collective field of restful reflection on our interdependence with all of Creation. Together we will focus our intention on restoring sacred relationship of the feminine and masculine with each other and with the Foundations of Life – Air, Earth, Water, Fire, The Climate, Biodiversity and the entire Web of Life.

SFR Offers: Cleansing Ceremonies designed to heal, lovingly release and replenish places on our planet that have been traumatized through violence, war and nature upheavels.

SFR Offers: The Cleanse Site Project(CSP©) Ceremonies at different sites across our Planet. Germany, USA, Bali, England, Sweden, Dubai and more! (Actual list on SFR website to come.) Feel free to express your creativity in your own unique way during this Global Event and to share pictures or videos on either the 7 Days of Rest or Sacred Female Rising F.B. pages. For the Love of our Earth Home and all of Humanity!!! Please go to www.sacredfemalerising.com for more information and dates/times and locations of the Healing ceremonies.

www.7days-of-rest.org   Register on the 7 Days of Rest website Today!!!