7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing 2021 & World Water Year 2021

This year’s event offers special tributes to the Standing Rock Water Protectors, Dr. Masaru Emoto, and Emilie Conrad ~ sharing inspiration from these unique perspectives into Water as Life. There will also be a Gateway dedicated to Storytelling, lovingly curated by the White Otter Academy, who are gathering stories from around the world about Water and Healing.. These Gateways will be shared on the 7 Days of Rest website on December 31st.

For the opening ceremonies on January 1st, 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing and World Water Year 2021 have been gifted with blessings from Indigenous and spiritual leaders from all continents.

We are delighted to announce that Linda Tucker will offer an opening blessing and closing message from the White Lion Heartlands.
We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Mamos of the Sierra Nevada, Colombia, who have offered a special blessing for the World Water Law that will be shared on 1.1.2021.
We invite all those who are joining this co-creative event to share this invitation with your communities so they too may benefit from these profound offerings for healing at this crucial time for humanity and all Life on Earth.
With love and gratitude,
Shelley Ostroff and Yan Golding

Sacred Female Rising is honored to offer the series, ‘Conversations of Women’.

To kick off the first day of 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing, SFR presents ‘Conversations of Women’. For this event MiraMichelle and Marion sit down to discuss the theme of INTEGRITY in their work and life calling. “Marion is a community musician and singer who practices her art by facilitating music groups and by training adults in university and other contexts. She walks the path of a medicine woman and brings her spiritual being into her work of connecting people through music.”

To celebrate the second day of 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing, SFR presents ‘Conversations of Women’. For this event MiraMichelle and Maren join in a conversation to explore the topic of FLUDITY in their work and lives.
Maren Hoff is an actress, voice coach, medicine woman and empowerment coach for healing family and childhood wounds, and has recently published her first book on that matter: `Every child deserves to be happy‘ at German publishing house Gräfe und Unzer. She is especially focused on supporting and empowering pregnant women and new mothers. Situated in Hamburg, Maren Hoff’s book and work now reaches all German speaking countries. https://www.facebook.com/sacredfemalerising/videos/1788392321337985


To honour the third day of 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing, join shaman and author MiraMichelle and Balinese dancer and ritual weaver Aryani in a discussion about transmutation.
Aryani was born into an artist’s family on her mother’s side, and a priest and shaman on her father’s. Since 1996 she has lived in Hannover and practised her Medicine through art and rituals.


For the fourth day of 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing, SFR presents ‘Conversations of Women’ with MiraMichelle and Susan. Join these two for deep dive into the topic of circulation.
Susan Nichols, an intuitive entrepreneur who founded the global yoga brand, yogitoes®; designer of Spirits Nest—a green living home, famously promoting sustainability with eco-brands; and now launching her newest brand BEEM®—a sustainable lighter to replace all plastic disposable lighters polluting our oceans, and soil.


For the fifth day of 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing, SFR presents ‘Conversations of Women’ with MiraMichelle and Roschanack. Join these two powerful women as they explore the topic of CO-CREATION and discuss what it means for them.

Roschanack Shaery studied Anthropology and History and is currently professor of Modern Middle Eastern history at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. She began consciousness work in 2011 after a series of visions she had at Christmas of 2010. Currently she is working on an app to create awareness on women’s emotional dependency in relationships.


For the sixth day of 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing, SFR presents ‘Conversations of Women’ with MiraMichelle and Norma. Join this intimate conversation as the two share on the theme of reflection.

Norma Mtume holds Masters’ degrees in Health Sciences and Marital and Family Therapy. She has co-founded and served as executive for nonprofits/NGOs, community clinics, and social service organizations in the USA and one in Rwanda, East Africa. Norma has received local and national recognition for her social justice work around physical, mental and women’s health, spanning over 50 years. Retired twice, she continues to fulfill her passion to promote healthier communities locally and globally. Norma received her formative community engagement training while serving as Minister of Finance and Health Coordinator of the Black Panther Party.


For the final day of 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing, SFR presents ‘Conversations of Women’ with MiraMichelle and Heather Elizabeth. The two women will explore the topic of revelation to conclude this week-long series of discussion and deep healing.

‘Heather Elizabeth is a Healer, Peace Builder, and consultant for conscious evolution. By listening to the prompting of her Soul, Heather Elizabeth founded the SHINE movement (Supporting Humanity In Navigating Evolution) in 2015. Through the facilitation of interspiritual wisdom practices that promote Unity Consciousness, SHINE serves as a sacred container for the alchemical process of the personal and planetary TRANSFORMATION at hand.’