7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity 2020

Sacred Female Rising in Loving Support of 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity!! Schedule of Events Jan 1 – 7. 2020

Dear Ones,
Welcome to 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity! We are deeply touched to share our resonance with this great movement of consciousness! Below please find more specifics regarding the upcoming events, gatherings, ceremonies and more! The SFR Affiliate Sisters are co-creating incredible events to radiate diversity for us all! May we show up, tune in, tune up and radiate our light!!
With much love, inspiration and hope!

WED, 1.1. ESSENCE: Meeting & greeting the essence of life-enriching diversity
Event: Spirit Walk in Forest with Soul Sisters / Time: 10am
Host & Location: Eva F./Parking place-end of FischerhüttenStr./
Contact: evafleischmann@coachinginbewegung.com 

THU, 2.1. EXPERIENCE: Experiencing diversity through our different senses and Intelligence
Event: Meditation / Time: 8pm
Host & Location: Wiebke/ Kaltenkirchen/ Contact: wiebke.hinzer@gmx.de   
Event: Singing & Sharing Circle w/Children/Time: 15.30 – 19.30h
Host & Location: Ana Hata & Janina/ Göttingen/ Contact: janina.harazim@web.de.
Cacao Ceremony /Time: arrive as 5pm, start at 6pm, end at 8pm
Host & Location: Annabelle’s Living Room/ Hannover/ Contact: annabelle.bini@gmail.com  

FRI, 3.1. ENCOUNTER: Befriending diverse human and nonhuman perspectives
Event: Self-encounter through encounters with others/Time: coming
Host & Location: Aryani’s living room /Hannover/ Contact: Magenta67@gmx.de

SAT, 4.1. EMPATHY: Nourishing empathy for all of life.
Event: children & family event /Time: 15.00 – 18.00
Host & Location: Jule /Hannover-Everloh/ Contact: julebertram@web.de
Event: women event – spirit walk to the ocean /Time: 14.00 – 17.00
Host & Location: Annika, Katja, Geraldine /Kiel/ Contact: annikalenathyre@gmx.de
Event: women event – meditation/circle/gathering /Time: 18.00 – 21.00
Host & Location: Magdalena /Berlin/ Contact: magdalena_werner@gmx.de

SUN, 5.1. EXPRESSION: Co-Creating the conditions for diversity to flourish
Event: Temple Day  /Time: 2 – 6pm
Host & Location: MiraMichelle/Harz Ranch/ Contact: miramich@gmx.de 
Event: Singin’ community with kids / Time: coming
Host & Location: Marion H./ Berlin / Contact: mhaak-schulenburg@posteo.de

MON, 6.1. ENVISION: Learn the wisdom of life-enriching diversity
Event: Women circle /Time: 19.30Uhr
Host & Location: Wiebke/ Kaltenkirchen/ Contact: wiebke.hinzer@gmx.de

TUE, 7.1. EVOLUTION: Honoring and celebrating the natural laws of harmony in diversity
Event: No events planned.