7 Days of Rest 01.01 – 07.01.2020

Welcome! Sacred Female Rising Affiliate Women endorse 7 Days of Rest!

We are opening spaces, supporting hearts and minds to flow into the resonance of the Global Initiative 7 Days of Rest! Taking the first 7 days of rest to be in alignment with oneself, the Nature, each other and feel – simply feel where your focus is and turn towards the energetic resonance of life and well… honor it! We are right there beside you!!
On the 21.12.19 we will post our schedule. Heads up for: Jan 5. 2020. There will be a Woman’s Temple Event at the Harz Ranch with MiraMichelle!! (For Women, Men and Children). More infos coming soon.

Sacred Female Rising Schedule for 7 Days of Rest 2020


Jan 1:

Jan 2: Annabelle Bini:

Jan 3:

Jan 4: Jule

Jan 5: MiraMichelle

Jan 6: