Sacred Sites of Europe Rising and Connecting! 13 – 16.9.20

Cleanse Site Project: Sacred Site Re-connection & The Caravan of Unity Europe.

Synchronized Sacred Site Re-connection Ceremonies: Sept 13 to 16.2020
On September 13th 2020 our fellow humans will meet across Europe and visit Megalithic sites to reconnect with the Coded Wisdom of the Land, Ancestors and Each Other.

The Vision: To create a consciousness peace vibration of Unity across Europe and the world!
Visit Ancient Megalithic sites across Europe and join fellow humans and gather to meditate, pray and convene with the intention of connecting to the Intelligence of Earth and Nature.
How #2: Check the list of sites provided (sheet 3), find your area, email the Project Facilitators for exact location & times.
What: Review Attendee information (sheet #4) and Ceremony protocols. (Video provided w/ short description on SFR website)
Join: Feel free to join in person or energetically. Create your own gathering in your home & connect.
Share: Invite/ Share/ Spread the Unity Consciousness – now is the MOMENT!! FYI: none of our organizers or the presenters in both SFR & The Caravan of Unity are being paid. This is a grassroots, from the heart and ‘necessity of our current situation’, movement!


The Cleanse Site Project’s mission is to support humanity’s awareness to its intrinsic connection to Nature and to assist in the creation of a more peace-filled and ecologically aware world. This is achieved through the cleansing of land sites that have been traumatized through industry, war, greed and unconsciousness. Also through recognizing the value that Ancient Sacred Sites offer our humanity to restore the relationship between humans and the environment.


The Caravan of Unity Europe: September 2020 will see the beginning of a momentous effort for a unified world, with an interactive web of global activities taking place throughout the month, culminating on World Peace Day – 21.9.2020! Our vision is based on the realization of the unity of all beings: the deep and timeless interconnection that knits us together as one human family. The Caravan of Unity will strive to inspire a shared sense of inner and outer peace, install kind-heartedness as a guiding motif for cooperation, and contribute towards inclusive and just societies at local transnational levels.