Welcome to Sacred Female Rising

Spiritualized social movement in support of restoring, educating and empowering female values in today’s world.

It is a great honor for me to write this correspondence to my sisters all around our planet. You are all here upon these pages and it is for you and our daughters that this little piece of female wisdom exists! Therefore, it is my esteemed pleasure to be of service and to be a champion for women, children and all life. The life giving force is, after all, our most authentic and organic nature and from this wisdom of Nature we have thrived for thousands of years.

The Sacred Female Rising Institute is a conscious and conscientious collection of women who care very deeply about the restoration of Female Values. Why do we care and what is our vision? We actively concern ourselves because we see that the undervaluing of female values and spirituality has had a negative impact on our world. We also see a very obvious imbalance upon the Earth. The suffering of our children, sisters, brothers, animals and all species of plant life is becoming more and more extreme!We need to Act Now!!!

We feel compelled to do something that can give an energetic balance to some of the horrendous acts that are occurring on a daily basis. Our work and the purpose that empowers it is carried out with a clear and loving intention to heal and to create space that honors a more balanced perspective in our world. We do this primarily through spiritual/psychological human focused works such as healing ceremonies, workshops, seminars, grass roots consciousness works on all levels, monthly moon gatherings, groups, festivals, talks, radio talk shows, and a yearly Medicine Woman Training!

Spreading the wealth of spirit and following inspiration as our guide! Means sharing our conscious nurturing qualities and our fierce feminine attention with our world and our humanity! We all wish to live on a healthy loving Earth…. it is up to us to co-create this reality!

To Sing and sing and sing again until the sacred vibration of truth fully show up in our minds, our bodies and into our hearts. This frequency or the sacred has the capacity to radically shift consciousness on our planet into a more loving and reverent reality. Our day Jobs are NOT our main vocation – being human is!!! mm