Welcome to Sacred Female Rising

Sisters and Brothers, TRIBE, we as SFR wish you a Beautiful and Blessed New Year 2019!!

With Love,
The SFR Team!

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Mission Statement

Sacred Female Rising is a platform and network supporting women to rise. Our direction is to empower women through the doorway of the Divine Female Principle and thus to assist in the creation of a more peace-filled and balanced world.

We care very deeply about humanity and our Earth and we see a very obvious imbalance upon the Earth where people, animals and all species of plant life are suffering to such an extent that it is impossible to ignore. So, we women have committed ourselves to first focus on our individual empowerment and healing and next in assisting our world.

On this website and in our journey of creating SFR we find ourselves dancing with the divine while walking on the earth in manifestation. The SFR NETWORK is, in a sense, what is non material and its intention of connection holds what the SFR INSTITUTE endeavors to bring us… into balance. Such as the infinity symbol shows us the balance of perspectives by giving direction, shape or form. On one arm we have the Network to guide and connect us and on the other arm the Institute informs and inspires us! IN the middle is the core… and our core is ceremony! We call it the place that binds… as it is the place that connects everything…. the place of the heart and soul! ‘Ceremony’ has or is the potential that binds heaven and earthly experience – as we humans also do! And so do our SFR EVENTS!

What are our Intentions

Our work is to restore the living energy of the Divine Feminine within women, men and throughout society. Therefore, recovering a much needed balance and more equal perspectives in our world.

Sacred Female Rising enacts this primarily through offering information and inspiration how to take on an active role in the process of empowerment and healing for women. SFR also organizes monthly Moon Groups, the Medicine Woman Training, Workshops, and restorative Earth Ceremonies. Thereby enhancing our individual and collective connections to Mother Earth… each other, ourselves, and all possibilities.

The missing feminine perspective is direly affecting our world. We must begin to ask ourselves how we can bring about balance to these ailing male patriarchal systems that we presently live within.

[Founder Miramichelle]