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Sacred Female Rising is a platform and network which supports women to rise in their power and presence. Our direction is to reestablish a greater value for the female perspective and spirituality in our world. We feel this has the potential to assist in the creation of a more peace-filled and balanced human society.


We care very deeply about humanity and our Earth and we see a very obvious imbalance upon the Earth where people, animals and all species of plant life are suffering extensively. We women have committed ourselves to focusing on our individual empowerment and healing and then extend this vibration out to our earth and all living beings upon her.

The missing feminine perspective is direly affecting our world. We must begin to ask ourselves how we can bring about balance to these ailing male patriarchal systems that we presently live within.

[Founder Miramichelle]


Our Vision is to create a consciousness peace vibration of Unity across Europe and the world!

How to achieve this? We felt that a powerful way would be to visit the Ancient Megalithic sites of our ancestors. Across Europe we joined fellow humans and gathered to meditate, pray and convene with the united intention and agreement of connecting to the Intelligence of Earth, Sky, our Ancestral Coded Wisdom and Nature pure!!

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