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Welcome to the Sacred Female Rising Network!

Sacred Female Rising was founded in 2008 by MiraMichelle and since this time has been growing from a seedling feeling idea into what she is today. Sacred Female Rising is a platform for information and inspiration as well as a network of women for women. Women working together in Service for humanity and Mother Earth. At the foundation of this Network exists the thinking, The ‘You, Me, Us and We’ Movement! We see that the ‘You’ is ‘Me’ and the ‘Me’ is ‘Us’ and the ‘Us’, which is our local group and community, is the collective ‘We’. Creating alive community which functions more and more from the heart is the intention of our ACTIONS.

What does the SFR Network do?

Well, this entire website is a networking tool for women! We feel that female solidarity is where it is at for us women…. We all have so much to give and to receive. When women connect to other women and feel rewarded and empowered through this connection we grow like fine flowers in open fields! Let’s continue to uplift each other and share content that inspires, guides and gives great tips for life! Keep the energy flowing!

The SFR Network supports this sharing, inspiring, informing, and connecting through different SFR networking options. The main idea is to support women in their process of rising through empowerment, healing, and female solidarity.

What do you do for your own personal empowerment and healing – what can you do yourself to rise? How can you rise together with other women? How to find other women to connect to in female solidarity – especially in these times of high pressure and competition? What can you do to support a bigger movement of women supporting other women? Are you interested in becoming an active member of the SFR Network and contribute to the rising of women through your own personal sharing of experience, information and inspiration? Here are the different options of how the SFR Network can support you on your personal journey! Have fun & enjoy!!


Get Active to become Interactive!

“The Sacred Female that is rising is
a visionary creatress!”

[Founder MiraMichelle]




You are asking yourself what you can do to support your own personal rising process?

Be your own visionary creatress!!!



For thousands of years we women have been weaving the web! …

Rising through education & information: Find out more about our history…




Finding female solidarity from the heart in our actual society can be challenging… How to connect to other rising women?

Meet your Sisters!




Take a deeper dive into the journey and get deeper involved – envision & create together with SFR

Meet our SFR Facilitators!




Combine education & information, healing, connection & female solidarity within one ACTION and take part in a

Sacred Female Rising Workshop



Shop – Shop – Shopping! Give your visionary creatress in you a speacial treat with one of our beautiful SFR treasures to find in the treasure box of our

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